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Nike Air Jordan 12 French Blue (2016)

$180.00 USD

The Jordan 12 French Blue is a 2016 release from the Jordan 12 collection. The sneaker is an iconic Retro 12, easily one of the most recognizable sneakers in the entire Jordan collection. The pair features a white leather upper with a French Blue mudguard and outer sole. These sneakers are in fantastic condition with no major flaws on the uppers and minimal wear on the soles, so grab them before someone else does!

Introduced in 1996, the Nike Air Jordan Retro 12 made splashes as the most expensive Jordan to ever become available for purchase at a retail price of $135. The sneaker came in the midst of Nike changing direction towards more vibrant colorways and designs, such as the Nike Shock, Foamposite, Air More Uptempo and several others. The shoe scene was changing to demand more flair, bubbles, springs and other gimmicks that went against the designs previously used with Jordan Retros. Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield wanted to get back to the basics and create an aesthetically pleasing, stylish basketball shoe. There were two main inspirations behind Hatfield’s design of the Jordan Retro 12, the first was a women’s high heel called the Nisshoki, the second was the Flag of Japan. If you look at the silhouette of the Jordan 12, you can see the curvature mimicking the look of a high heal, with the rear of the sneaker representing the heel. These shoes are among the most popular Jordan Retros, maintaining that popularity for over 2 decades in the sneaker world. They are also famously recognized for being the shoe Michael Jordan was wearing during his ‘flu game’ which later inspired the name for the red and black colorway.

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