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Nike Air Jordan 9 Photo Blue

$115.00 USD

The Jordan 9 Photo Blue was originally only suppose to launch with black bottoms, but because of a mistake at the warehouse a limited amount of the shoes were made with white soles. Because of this, the white sole shoes were sold on and the rest were sent to be sold at factory stores. This pair is in great condition and would make a great grab for a Detroit Lions fan, which shockingly there are tons of (we live in Detroit, we would know).

The Nike Air Jordan Retro 9 is well known for being heavily influenced by Japanese design and culture. The sole of the shoe features several different languages, and the ‘Rising Sun’ Jumpman logo is featured solely on this model. Among the languages written on the soles are Swahili, Russian, German, Italian, French and Spanish. These languages were meant to embody the fact that Michael Jordan had arguably become the world’s first global sports superstar. The shoe features a simple silhouette complete with full leather uppers, a sleek mesh tongue and painted mids. Another feature unique to this sneaker is the lacing system, which became known as one pull lacing, due to the fact you can tighten the entire shoe by pulling the laces up. Previous models required you to tighten from the bottom up. The sneaker has been released in both mid and low top variations after originally hitting the shelves in 1993 with a total of four original mid cut models.

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