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Hype Stew Sneakers

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All of Hype Stew Detroit's sneakers are 100% authentic. Each pair is legit checked by a sneaker expert and must pass a 20 step authentication process. Want proof? Check out what your peers have to say in our review sections in the footer

Hype Stew Sneakers

Are The Shoes Clean?

Upon arrival to the Hype Stew Sneakers Detroit facility, sneakers are disenfected to insure clean and hygienic products. If you're looking for a clean pair of used shoes, we've got what you're looking for!

Hype Stew Sneakers

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Our greatest concern is your safety. All transactions on our site are backed by a 100% Paypal guarantee. This top tier security makes Hype Stew Sneakers the best place to buy new and used authentic sneakers for the cheapest prices on the web

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